Starting $250 (Mobile or Valet pick-up & drop-off)

Customer Drop-Off: Starting $200

1. Engine Bay meticulously steam cleaned and shined.

2. A complete hands exterior car wash with premium Feynlab soap using the safest system to wash without inducing scratches to paint.

3. Dry with high quality micro-fibre towels and premium wax applied to bring out the true shine.

4. Tires and rims are meticulously cleaned and shined.

5. We also applied Feynlab or Opti sealants on all vehicles with Ceramic Coating paint surface for proper maintenance.



6. Full vacuum from the trunk to front of entire vehicle.

7. Wiped all plastic trims, vents, panels, seats, dash, console, cupholder, armrest box, and door jams with ECO-friendly premium cleaning products.

8. Removed all stains and salts on carpets, fabric seats, all windows, sunroof and mirrors using STEAMER which can KILL 99% BACTERIA without using strong toxic chemicals.

9. All leather areas are cleaned with the premium leather-safe product to deeply and gently remove greases, stains, and dirts.

10. Final dressing on all areas with matte finished to give it a brand new look to match dealership showroom.

Approximately 5-6 hrs

Engine Bay.jpg

Engine Bay Spa

We completely transform back to its new look again.

*** Included in the all packages ***



Complete Detailing & Paint Correction To Shine

Mobile: Starting $500 (Valet pick-up & drop-off available)

Customer Drop-Off: Starting $450

1. A complete hands exterior car wash to prep the polishing stage.

2. Decontamination by clay bar + Iron X treatment

3. 1-stage machine paint polishing to begin the process removing, swirl marks, fine scratches and imperfections to bring back the original shine of your car. 2-stage compound correction if necessary to chase a few deeper scratches.

4. Headlights and taillights get polished.

5. Paint gets sealed and protected with the premium wax.

6. Engine Bay get meticulously steam cleaned to shine.

7. Complete Interior Showroom Detailing to finish it off.

Approximately 8-9 hrs

FEYNLAB coating 2.jpg

FEYNLAB the world's best Self-Healing Nano Ceramic technology

FEYNLAB® HEAL PLUS is the optimal solution to keeping your vehicle looking it best and well protected over time. With HEAL PLUS dark colored vehicles will retain their true color and glossy appearance due to the impressive self healing mechanism which vanishes away wash induced love marks and light scratches.

HEAL PLUS is thickest and most advanced nano coating available in automotive surface care. In addition to the revolutionary self healing mechanism, the ceramic backbone of SELF HEAL PLUS creates a highly durable protective layer with super gloss and extreme slickness.

To sum it up: FEYNLAB® HEAL PLUS adds a super thick, self healing, durable, chemical and U.V. resistant layer to painted surfaces, keeping vehicles looking their best long-term.

To activate healing: simply park the vehicle in direct sun where the temperature is 30°C (85°F) or higher and the Ceramic Polymer Matrix will reset. Fine scratches and micro swirls will vanish, revealing a super glossy reflective surface!



STARTING $800: correction - protection - REFLECTION

  1. A complete hands exterior car wash to prep the paint correction stage

  2. Decontamination by clay bar + Iron X treatment

  3. Visual inspection the paint conditions under the proper lightings before correction stage

  4. Required 1 to 2-stage paint correction before the Ceramic Coating installation

  5. Headlights and taillights also get polished

  6. Panels prep spray to remove all oil to make sure paint surfaces are super cleaned

  7. Paint gets installed and protected with our premier FEYNLAB CERAMIC COATINGS to bring out the best amazing shine

  8. See full details on Ceramic Coating selections page

  9. Complete Interior Showroom Detailing

  10. Engine Bay Showroom steam cleaned and shined

    **Required 12-15 hrs process and a minimum 12 hrs curing time before pick up**

TLC Exclusive VIP Memberships

The VIP Membership is for those who are looking for the best and the sheer driving experience by how well their cars are maintained in luxurious conditions from the inside to outside.

All membership packages include complete IN/OUT detailing maintenance at the convenient of your home or VALET pick-up/drop-off.

  • SILVER VIP package care (starting $450/yr) - every 6 months schedule

  • GOLD VIP package care (starting $750/yr) - every 3 months schedule

  • PLATINUM VIP package care (starting $2000/yr) - every month schedule

  • In the ‘Executive VIP package care’ membership, clients will get the complimentary paint polishing once per year ($300 value)

  • Get 15% off on all Ceramic Coating selections.

  • AT TLC Luxury Auto Spa, our passion is to not only maintenance the interior looking nice and clean but we also protect the exterior paint looking luxuriously shine for our clients years to come. This is our signature Tender Loving Care for clients seeking first class luxury care to protect their investments, which we are proud to provide with 100% satisfaction guarantee.


A vehicle is a big investment, and at TLC Luxury Auto Spa our goal and passion is to make sure your car looking new and valuable for years to come. If you’ve ever discovered scratches, faded paint or wear on your vehicle then you know how discouraging it is to look at it after every car wash. Removing the damage from paint is a meticulous process that requires tools, time, and knowledge. At TLC Luxury Auto Spa, we have the equipments (RUPES - Made in Italy), experience, and knowledge necessary to correct, reflect and protect your vehicle again for a long time.

For those looking to sell their vehicle, a simple polishing is a to get the best visual appeal to sell quickly at a good price.

Although paint polishing correction can repair damage that has been done to the surface of a vehicle, it cannot guarantee that a vehicle will not eventually sustain more damage again caused by normal wear. At TLC Luxury Auto Spa, we highly recommend applying one of our Premier Ceramic Coating package offer.

RUPES   BigFoot LK   900E Mille   Polisher

RUPES BigFoot LK 900E Mille Polisher