Our level 3 VIP Spa comes to you two times a year at every 6 months schedule to meticulously provide the tender loving care to your vehicles looking amazing year round.

With the continuity VIP Spa membership, you will get our best spa treatment two times a year plus a paint correction to remove all the swirl marks and light scratches induced from car wash and daily driving contaminations exposure each year.

Our level 3 VIP Spa will ensure your investment is in the best showroom and amazing condition for as long as you own car.

Let us maintain to protect your investments.

We recommend VIP Spa membership done at every tire change interval.

EXTERIOR: (twice/yr treatment)

  • Luxury hand wash using premier car soap

  • Bug and tar removal

  • Dry with high quality microfibre towel

  • Clean wheels and tires dressing

  • Engine degrease, steam clean and dress

PAINT CORRECTION: (once/yr treatment)

  • Clay bar and Iron-X decontamination

  • Level 1 paint correction to remove all swirl marks and light scratches

  • Polish headlights and taillights

  • Apply HD Poxy Wax durable shine (UV protection)

INTERIOR: (twice/yr treatment)

  • Complete interior/trunk vacuum

  • Detail door/trunk jambs

  • Detail vents, dash, consoles, cup holders, door panels..

  • Compressed air cleaning of cracks and crevices

  • Shampoo seats, carpets, and floor mats (salts/stains removal)

  • Vents and floors sanitized steam cleaning

  • All leathers are meticulously clean with premium products

  • Leather conditioning treatment

  • Complete final interior premium dressing

  • Windows streak-free cleaned in/out

We come to you within the GTA - Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Vaughan, North York.

* Complimentary hassle free pick-up/delivery.

* Surcharge may apply pending on travel distant.

* Surcharge may apply to remove medium to heavy scratches pending paint condition.

* VIP Spa care is a prepaid membership.

Require: Approx. 8 hrs - 1st schedule / 4 hrs - 2nd schedule

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